You will easily find Glenda House, as it is located near one of the main streets in Shabla

  • If you are coming from Varna, do not take the ring road, but take the turn for Shabla and drive straight ahead until you reach the centre square with the buildings of the City Hall, the Cultural Club and the Police. There at the triangular crossing take a left and don’t continue straight, but follow the signs to Durankulak (Dobrudja Street). Once you pass the school after 200 meters to the left you will see Glenda House, which is located in the beginning of Vazrazhdane Street.
  • If you are coming from Durankulak or Romania, when you reach Shabla, do not continue on the ring road, but enter the town (turn left). Follow the main road and once you pass by a farmyard and the stadium, there is a building plot after which you will see Glenda House to the right.

However, if you get lost you can use the following map to find us