Shabla and the beach

Shabla it is situated about 24 km. south of the border with Romania (3 hours drive from Bucarest) and 80 km. north of Varna. The Shabla region is known as one of the quiet resting places by the sea. The coastline is a combination of endless sandy beaches to the north and steep rocky coast south of Cape Shabla. The beaches of Shabla are 22% of all sandy  beaches along the coast of Bulgaria, and are characterized by their fine grained sand and soft sand bottom of the sea. What is unique is the salt lake – the “Shabla’s Tuzla” lagoon with very healthy in its composition mud. The region of Shabla is among the most important wetlands in Bulgaria, where during the autumn-winter period globally threatened bird species can be seen.

In the past the town was a territory of an ancient Thracian settlement and later of a Roman city called Caria. On the territory of Shabla is the oldest lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula, and according to some reports in Europe also. The facility is a copy of the Alexandria lighthouse, but considerably smaller. The beam of the lighthouse is visible 17 miles offshore.

The natural sights and rich cultural and historical heritage of Shabla, established over decades of archaeological excavations, research and collection activities, are the basis for the development of the cognitive and cultural and historical tourism in the region. 

The city is suitable for all who seek full nature recreation away from the crowds of tourists and all-inclusive hotels.